8 Simple Ways To Be More Productive and Less Busy

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Jul 17, 2021

I hope this article finds you in good health. It is still very hard to believe the unprecedented times we are living in. However, in these lazy and economically descending times, we must be productive instead of just being ‘busy’. That being said, just having a long ‘to do’ list shouldn’t be the priority since in that sense how are we ever going to be sure to have crossed off that item from our ‘to do’ list completely. As once said by Stephen Covey - "The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities." - To actively invest our time in things rather productive and something which can indirectly turn into a sort of motivation for others. We have a few personal tricks that one can follow which have been proved effective. They are as follows:

1. Getting a morning routine  

Instead of lazing around and checking your phone the first thing in the morning, abstain and give yourself enough time to check with yourself and then one can check-up with the rest of the world. Making up your mind to just make a hot cup of tea or stretching would make one of the biggest differences. Yoga, as known, is the most effective exercise to start with your day. After all, even small habits can make big changes. 

2. Clean space 

Another way to set your vibe for the day is to clean up all the clutter and at least put everything away. Clean spaces have an instant way of calming one's mind and as a ripple effect would make one more focused and efficient. 

3. 80/20 Rule  

Only 20 percent of what you do in your whole day produces 80 percent of your whole day. Eliminate things that don’t matter to achieve the goals in your life, they have the most minimal effect on your overall productivity. 

4. Take a coffee break  

Take a moment for yourself, don’t put too much pressure, and allow yourself a breather, maybe also a walk around the neighborhood. Doing things that detach one's mind for a while and letting it wander freely helps the mind rejuvenate and come back recharged, increasing your productivity levels. 

5. Eat Right 

Getting the correct fuel into your body will help you feel stimulated. Fill in your freezer with natural products, veggies, nuts and seeds. Avoid low-quality nourishment and refined sugars; giving additional and exceptional consideration to your eating regimen during these days in which we are more inactive than ever, is super important. 

6. Stop Trying to Multitask Everything  

You need to stop doing 10 things at the same time. While multitasking works a few of the times and is efficient, it can't be the most productive method to rely on in the long run and also goes against the 80/20 rule. Focusing on one thing at a time helps to be more effective and more efficient. Did you know? Changing more than10 tasks a day drops your IQ by 0 points a day.

7. Create a system

I am sure you must have run through aligning yourself with various productivity habits but managing your distractions by creating a system for yourself is super important. Maybe create a  digital timetable or register yourself onto one of those software's where your phone locks and unlocks after a certain period. This not only helps manage distractions but also helps you focus and stay organized. 

8. Meditate 

Learning how to quiet your mind can be incredibly exhilarating. It can help us to eliminate negative thoughts, worries and anxiety and it also has great benefits when it comes to productivity as it helps with focus and better sleep. 


"Ordinary people think merely of spending time, great people think of using it." --Arthur Schopenhauer

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