Habits That Are Harming Your Mental Health

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May 15, 2022

Habits are unconscious and automated behavioral patterns that are deeply ingrained in our everyday system. We fail to notice that our every mundane task or routine seems to develop into a nonchalance habit and are set into repetition mode. Moreover, few habits can stick with us forever as they send happy triggers to the brain reward system. Habits such as overeating, intoxication, smoking, gambling, and overuse of social media, etc. we often tend to call them bad habits. These bad habits are like money to millionaires easy to come and difficult to break up, part of our brain works against us making these habits hardwired into our systems.  These habits put you into a dilemma because they have become a part of your daily routine and they seem to be hardly harmful, but they are ephemeral in nature. They may feel good for a moment but are actually not good for you in the long run. 

Why are bad habits sweeter than sugar?

As a diabetic who will crave sugar similarly, a person who has fallen into the dungeon of bad habit knowingly or unknowingly cant resist certain temptations, the reason being chemical in our brain called dopamine. Habits that trigger happiness and joyful moment allow your brain to release dopamine, so when you get into a habit of repeating the task in presence of dopamine it helps in strengthening the habit more. That means when you avoid such habits dopamine will create cravings in your brain. So next time when you serve a second plate of biryani or grab a cigat=rtter, remember it’s not your heart telling you there is nothing harm in having just one the main culprit is dopamine. Thus the more you resist the harder it persists. 

So here are a few habits that may seem harmless but every ounce of them is harmful:

1. You give lame excuses for not working out

Exercise is a key to a happy mind and happy body and still, we tend to procrastinate or find something else superior to do instead of working out and all your plans to exercise tend to shove off inside your yoga mat. Even if you’re not a fitness-loving person you may have experienced a good walk that may make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Why is it so? Any form of physical activity releases endorphins that can be used to curb depression and anxiety and stress. Therefore, it is necessary to instill some sort of exercise in your daily routine though you may have bigger plans like meeting with a space boy. 

2. Your penchant for perfection is never-ending

Striving hard to excel at something is a great virtue. But working incessantly to being a perfectionist is not a pursuit of a healthy habit. Aiming for perfectionism brings unnecessary stress, anxiety, and mood swings. There is a thin line between seeking excellence and perfectionism, if you don’t know where the boundary lies you may often get lost in the world of perfectionism to make yourself happier and satisfied. Therefore, embrace the art of being imperfect in your own perfect world, because perfection is a myth that renders pressure on our mental health.

3. Poor posture is a gateway for mental illness

Poor posture isn’t restricted to causing harm to your physical health, it also messes with your mental illness. A poor posture is a sign of low confidence that rings the bell that you are always succumbing to pressure or undue stress. A better posture is the harbinger of a better self-image and mood enhancer.  Studies indicate that adopting a healthy posture is linked to reducing symptoms of depression. 

4. Your erratic sleeping pattern is a threat to your mental health

Sleep is the fundamental key to your mental health. Sleep deprivation has its own way of showing you the importance of a good night’s sleep. A restorative sleep of seven hours every night is bliss for your mental health. Refine your bedroom to help you sleep better, stick to your sleep routine, and google tips for better sleep that will restore your health. Your mental and physical health will be grateful to you. 

5. Bottling up emotions can vouch for a bad mental health

Anger, guilt, frustration, jealousy, etc are all feelings that arise from your heart but take a toll on your mental health. It is necessary to vent up these emotions before they start tightening their coil around you. Bottling up your emotions can accumulate stress, and as you know stress is the precursor to mental illnesses.  Also, when we don’t tackle these feelings they start eating us from inside and may affect our relationship as well with others. Hence venting your emotions through journaling, or calling a close friend, or maybe seeking help from a therapist can make you feel lighter from the inside. 

6. Losing yourself in the world of social media

You don’t require an expert to tell you that mindless scrolling through your phone gives rise to certain negative feelings. You start to compare your life with others, you try to imitate your favorite personalities and start looking out for instant gratification to feel at ease. There is no peace amid social media chaos. To seek attention and gain followers you may be constantly under pressure to stand out from others. It’s good to be creative or to have a great social media page but vying for attention calls for a bad habit that damages your brain cells. 

7. Being busy is a cool thing

Productivity is a sign that you are on the right path. You are not wasting your time and investing your time in some fruitful service, but being busy calls for many other things, finishing a task before a deadline that creates stress, or to look busy we try to do multiple things at a time, again our presence of mind goes for a toss and working long hours may sabotage our relationships and health. To excel in our work while our mental health is in grinder calls for no balanced life. To create a balance in life you need to differentiate between being busy and productive.

Wrapping up

Watch out for these bad habits that interrupt your mental health efforts. Although it is difficult to change these habits overnight, try to challenge yourself by taking one habit at a time.  Before you know you’ll be replacing these habits with new and more prominent good habits that don’t stand between your and your mental health.


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