How To Fix Insomnia Without Medication?

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Jul 17, 2022

There are people who fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow and there are people whose sleep quality suffers as the moon shines brighter in the sky. Probably you fall on the latter side of the equation and have come here to nurse your fractured sleep cycle. 

But before proceeding, let's make sure that the inability to fall asleep once in a while is not a crime or insomnia. But it's terrible if you're tossing and turning in your bed for frequent nights, Hats off to your determination to pull out an all-nighter and also oblige to your daytime rituals. 

Enough of patting your back because sleep is equivalent to your dietary needs for holistic wellness. 

Let's get back to Insomnia, sleep is the enemy of insomnia and so only late sleepers are not insomnia patients but people who find it difficult to stay asleep or people who wake up too early and not be able to get back to sleep are also insomnia patients. 

This trickles down in your daytime schedule as well, with groggy eyes and foggy brain cells your quality of life suffers. 

Maybe insomnia eclipses your sleeping habits but medication is not the ultimate solution.

Sleeping pills again have their own reasons to add to your woes. 

Medications are nothing but short term relief.

Popping pills can resurrect your sleeping cycle but the side effects are many to count from headache, sore muscles, dry mouth, dizziness, and constipation. Imagine facing this day in and day out. 

People who are immune to sleeping pills' side effects generally take higher doses or don't take them at all. 

Either way sleeping pills are not your saviour period. 

To get to the root of the problem and for the soundest slumber of a lifetime, you need to build an atom of habits that prepare you for a pro or premium version of sleep. 

Let's dig further into why insomnia occurs in the first place

Bouts of insomnia can ruin our bliss moments with our sleep but each one of us goes through this period at least once in life, maybe working late hours, after having a baby, or taking certain medications, but insomnia vanishes once this situation ceases. 

The tension surfaces when insomnia sticks to you like a hard stain on clothes that refuses to go easily.

Mostly, insomnia crops from mental or physical illness but these days our addiction to social media scrolling, or binge eating heavy snacks during nighttime has made our sleeping patterns go erratic.

Whatever the reason, a fractured sleep cycle is not a boon, it drains your energy, makes you feel exhausted and over time impedes your functionality during the daytime. This in turn puts you at health issues like diabetes, obesity and heart disease etc. 

The condition could be pathetic but there's a way to revive your REM. 

By putting things into perspective you can help manage your sleeping patterns and get a relaxing wink

1. Hop a little, jump a little…. Sleep a little, in your bed

The nursery rhyme is all about making time for exercise before resigning to sleep. There are studies that reveal people who exercise regularly tend to have better shut-eye moments rather than those who don't.

One study discloses that 60 minutes of exercise for 5 days a week can restore your normal l REM. If you are short on time, a few minutes of exercise here and there can also work for you. 

And morning exercise has proven to become a holy grail for a night's sleep. Working out relaxes your body and reduces feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. 

So next time instead of sitting down on your couch doom scrolling try and do a push up maybe it can bring sleep at ease.

2. Melatonin is crucial for sedative sleep

Warm sunlight preps you for a day ahead but did you know it can help you achieve a restful sleep as well? Your body sense triggers when it receives daylight or natural light and regulates your hormone production. In the case of nighttime, it pumps up the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. 

One way to bring sunlight into your routine is to schedule your outdoor activities like exercising or walking in the park. Walking up to the workstation or walking to take public transport. Also, you can shift your work desk near a window to get maximum light or hang outside during lunch break. 

This weekend don’t go to nightclubs and discotheques but plan a daytime picnic or sports activities like a cricket match or golf course. 

3. Take steps to manage stress 

Stress is the biggest factor that keeps us awake all night and if it is not managed it keeps on adding to the trouble. This vicious cycle doesn't stop until you do something about it which is why managing stress can be an uprooting solution for your sound is slumber.

Manage your stress by keeping a gratitude journal to write down things that you are actually grateful for.

Use guided meditation or image power to make your sleep schedule more relaxable. 

Pump up some soothing music to make it more enchanting, music has the energy to uplift your mood and recover from a broken heart, so it can also relieve your stress and take you on a nostalgic trip of days when you would sleep with a lullaby.

4. Make your bedroom sleep-friendly 

Don't shift your work desk to your bedroom. Stay put from heavy and greasy food before bed. Make an effort to make your bed as soft as cotton and spray some fragrance oil on your pillow and bedsheet to make you feel drowsy. Also, no news before snoozing can make your mind better at night.

5. Consider meeting a therapist

Even after counting thousands of sheep and wearing thermoregulated comfy pyjamas, you can't sleep and insomnia is not willing to leave your side.  you should probably take the help of a therapist who will help you in discovering the deep-rooted problem associated with insomnia. 


Sleeping trouble or insomnia is not new, but it's fledgling and no sooner but we have to deal with the pandemic of insomnia so before the candle goes out make it an attempt to diagnose your insomnia and treat it with correct remedies keeping medications out as possible.


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