How To Simplify Your Self-Care Routine?

Pooja Kulkarni

Jun 27, 2022

Self-care on a regular basis is like owning keys to a 24x7 candy store. You know how chilled out and relaxed you’ll feel but there are other priorities like work that may make you feel guilty about chilling out, while there is an URGENT email reply to be sent. 

But you crave for a solid daily routine that you can actually stick through and structure in your day to give some quality time for yourself without punching the guilt in the guts. 

Self care need not be complicated and luxurious; it could be as simple as ordering your favorite food and eating it in your scruffy pajamas. 

But self care goes beyond pampering. It's about taking care of yourself inside out and tending to your needs regularly. 

Still brings shivers down the spine, let's go back to the basics. 

Keep it simple. Be consistent with your actions. Don't go overboard.

5 ways to simplify self care

1. Pay attention to your trinity (Mind -Body-Soul)

Keep your routine simple, rather than making it an elaborate and unattainable task of 3 hours, divide it in 20x20x20. 

Pay attention when your mind, body or soul is happy, do those elements routinely, self care won't be so daunting. 

Which of your needs have you been avoiding lately? Eating healthy breakfast, walking, spending time alone or socializing. Think how you can start small and comb through each one of the layers and work your way up.

2. Reframe your mindset

Self care has become a recent buzzword with many people having their own definition to the term, no offense, but reframe the way you think about it. Is it wellness that you can come closer to or pursue your hobbies?. WHatever, if you find methods to keep you stay balanced, and healthy, mentallly, physically and emotionally. Do it. 

Don't get swept into the marketing gimmicks where everyone is trying to sell self care products 

Your self care routine could be different yet unique for you to focus on what you need and not what other people tell you need. 

3. Self care mood tracker could be the best form of investment

Making self care a habit takes time so when the things get tough, self care is pushed aside, but we forget how self care can truly make a difference, no matter how much you are stressed. 

Practicing self care on a regular basis can significantly impact your mood and attitude towards yourself and others. 

Don't believe it, try having a mood tracker and visualize the way self care affects you. It could be as simple as writing down your thoughts the day you practice self care vs the day you don't, weigh your feelings.  Self care will definitely make a positive impact on your relationships, work and overall mood. 

4. Stop searching for inspiration in others

If you spend your time listening and reading about how self care makes other people's life easier you just collect ideas and reminisce about them without bringing them to reality. 

Moreover, your self care routine and their self care routine could be different so what they enjoy you may not. Don't compare but comprehend. It will be helpful to see what others are doing but it's important to listen to your own needs, drown out the noise and practice self care in a way that feels right for you. No two people can have the same self care plan.

5. Track your self care habits

Keeping a track of your regular self care habits may bring consistency in your habits. Not to forget to mention it enhances your productivity as well. 

  • Are you meditating? Check.

  • Exercising. Check

  • Getting to bed at a certain time Check

This could be super motivating and encourage you to keep going when you see a consistent line of checked boxes. Also, if you aren't ticking off any boxes it could be a cue that you are not spending enough time on self care.


Hope these tips give you some inspiration to simplify your self care routine and keep your self care routine always on the radar and you come out as a self care crusader. 

If you are stuck with your daily routine or you don't find energy to fulfill your daily work self care is a distant objective, we recommend you seek professional help. After all self care is not guiltiness but is a form of self love and in today's world we all are in need of love.


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