Is It Depression?

Mohit Gett

Mar 30, 2021

Feeling low, been there. Feeling sad, been there. Feeling eeyorish (for those sesquipedalians out there), been there. Feeling depressed, been there. Really? How do you know you were depressed?

We all feel low every now and then for different reasons and it lasts for varying durations. More than often, people casually use “ye week to bahut hi depressing tha” or “I feel depressed, I need to go out”.

Will McAvoy (played by Jeff Daniels) in The Newsroom says, “First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one”, he couldn’t be wiser (let’s not think about dumb and dumber). Solution is usually found by identifying the problem. Saiyan Health worked on putting out a few ways to detect depression in yourself or your loved ones. This is the first step towards healing and towards a healthier active lifestyle. Here you go:

Feeling Hopeless and Helpless: A feeling of hopelessness and despair, when you feel nothing will get better and there is nothing that can improve it for you. (If you have really hit rock bottom, the only way is up).

Changes in eating habits and weight: There might be loss of appetite, increased intake of sweetened food. Everyone reacts differently towards food when they are depressed, be assured, the change from “your normal” is certain. Eventually, it causes changes in your weight and appearance, affecting your self-esteem too (Gladly, this is one of the easier symptoms to identify).

Disturbed Sleeping Pattern: Waking up too early, unintentionally of course. Unable to sleep while writhing in bed for hours or sleeping a lot longer than usual (You will know if people start calling you, “Kumbhakarna”).

Not interested in anything: Not feeling like doing anything that you used to enjoy, things like, watching a movie, playing tennis, having sex (assuming you used to enjoy it before). There aren’t things left which release enough dopamine in your body.

Focus and Concentration seem impossible: You might not only feel this for a major project at work, but even with the simpler things like reading a book or just forgetting things while running errands (Once in a while is alright). You might find it difficult to focus on the same things which used to be a cake walk before.

Increased irritability: You might feel more fidgety and irritable than usual. Remember, the keywords here are ‘more’ and ‘usual’.

Chronic Fatigue: This can be due to multiple reasons, like lack of sleep, low nutrient intake or too much of workload. But when it’s because of depression, it might not go away easily and even slows down your thinking speed.

All the above listed points can be a part of your daily life routine due to some or the other reason. The more the symptoms you identify, the stronger they get and the longer they last (for more than 15 days), it is an indication that you might be suffering from depression and it needs to be tackled methodically and clinically.

If you feel or recognize that you are under depression, worry not, you are one of the millions affected by it (see, you already feel better). Now, what do we say, “When there is an identified problem, there is a solution”. Connect with our experts to support you or your loves ones in identifying and overcoming depression to lead a healthier and happier life.


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