Seven Simple Steps To Cope With Anxiety

Pooja Kulkarni

Jul 06, 2022

For some people, anxiety is more than just a feeling; it is a state of mind that keeps torturing and wrenching them from inside, allowing them to be in a perpetual state of worry. However, sometimes it's completely okay to be anxious during an important presentation or interview. The real problem is when it lingers for a long time, even after the situation is resolved. 

It is challenging to predict anxiety symptoms because they are not everyone. The anxiety manifests due to prolonged stress, trauma, or faulty genes; people explain they lose control over their thoughts and deal with an anticipatory future with constant apprehensions. 

We know and understand how difficult it is to live day in day out with your anxiety; therefore, here we bring simple tips that may help combat anxiety because if left untreated, it can pull you into the vortex of mental disease, and boy, there is no easy escape.  

Here are a few tools that may help you to calm down during your peak period and slow down your heart rate that seem to jump in your mouth anytime (no offense).

Seven steps to cope up with anxiety

1. Challenge the thoughts that make you anxious 

As mentioned earlier, anxiety originates from a stressful situation. The real struggle is to stop the train of thoughts passing through the never-ending tunnel of negativity, where you assume the worst condition for yourself that has nothing to do with your real life. 

This thought process becomes a routine, and before you know it has become a habit, and you don't even try to think positively but that. There is only one solution to deal with this, confront your thoughts when you are anxious and think if it will happen in real life or anything to do with the real world. This way, there is a sheer possibility of you breaking the pattern of continuous negative thought processes. 

2. Find the culprit!

The best way to deal with your anxiety is to find the source or the place of origin that makes you feel anxious. Is it your office, your relationship, or your separation from your pet? When you know the reason, you can work on it. To deal with anxiety issues, you can keep a diary with yourself. In which you have to record the thoughts that make you uncomfortable. After that, read the possible causes that trigger your anxiety. Once you have identified the anxiety or stress sources, you can start working on them to avoid or manage them in a better way. 

3. Use relaxation techniques 

It is proven that relaxation is a salve to your anxiety. There are many exercises like deep breathing and other yoga techniques capable of controlling anxiety. Among all these relaxation techniques, deep breathing is one of the most reliable to manage short-term anxiety. The anxious person has to practice deep breathing 10-20 times in this technique. Take a breath and hold it as much as you can in your lungs and exhale it slowly. 

Meditation, Centering, and Mindfulness techniques are other relaxation techniques that help the person deal with long-term anxiety issues. 

4. Start following a healthy lifestyle 

A healthy lifestyle is a cure for almost all physical and mental health ailments that include a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and not missing any meal of the day. Your eating habits affect your mental health. There is mounting evidence that shows that a healthy lifestyle, including healthy food and regular exercise, can help the person deal with anxiety issues. 

Even if you work out for only 15 minutes, it will also positively impact your physical and mental health. A person can also control their anxiety by avoiding some special kinds of food and beverages such as caffeine, alcohol, soda, energy drinks, and chocolate. 

5. Learn time management and organization 

Bad time management and organization is the leading cause of short-term anxiety. To avoid such a scenario, try to practice discipline, time management, and good organization of your surrounding things in your daily life. Pre-plan your day, follow your to-do list and try to make a controllable working environment to control the thoughts triggering your anxiety. 

6. Be assertive in your opinions and approach

Are there skewed dynamics in your relationship patterns- possessive partner, strict boss, or stingy friend? It's time to take action by creating boundaries. Let them know about your feelings in a very gentle way that may not sound rude because you know you will be awake at night over-analyzing your conversation. 


7. Give yourself time 

Nothing happens overnight; take baby steps to lead to a concrete solution. Remember, the workout also needs a slow approach to have a fit body, so your brain also needs to get in that mode. While dealing with anxiety regularly, find an outlet that gives mental escape. Give yourself a mental vacation. Though it is not possible for some people, it is necessary to break from routine. 


Our mind revolves around anxious situations now and then, and you can't escape, better to manage it rather than live with it. It is all up to you to control so that it doesn't negatively affect your everyday life. Control your anxiety before it starts controlling you. If you want to seek professional help, you know where to look out for. Kindly visit the Saiyan Health website to learn more about anxiety.


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