The Millennial Approach to Personality Development

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Jul 12, 2021

Whenever I hear the word personality Marlyn Monroe, Barack Obama, Amitabh Bacchan, and Steve Jobs are the famous personalities that immediately conjures up in my mind. I believe you understand why? They are larger than life, ranging from the epitome of beauty to being a tech giant in the innovative industry. They challenged themselves to become something out of nothing. Therefore, if you say what's there in personality, my dear, everything is personality if you observe. 


Every man is born with specific characteristics and traits. But the personality of a man is defined by a distinct feature that gives him an identity. A man's personality is like a blank canvas painted in shades of environmental, situational, and hereditary factors. 


A person with no personality is regarded as a misfit and is looked down upon as it does not bring much value to professional or personal lives. A convoluted tube cannot be put to use, whereas a straight tube can be molded according to the usage; thus, "personality isn't born; it is forged." 


What are the Determinants of Personality, and why is it important?

Heredity - Heredity refers to the biological makeup of a person. The genes are passed down by parents and ancestors and are responsible for every individual physique, body type, complexion, body weight, etc.


Environment - When an individual is subjected to growing years of life, it is an environmental factor. The culture, family background, educational institution, etc., have a crucial role in shaping our personality.


Situation - An individual personality changes according to current circumstances. Personality cannot remain constant; it keeps on changing and evolving.

Why is personality development important? 

Personality is an integrated medley of an individual's physical, emotional, intellectual, social, psychological, and spiritual characteristics. Development is a dynamic and evolving process that never seems to diminish. 


Secondly, all personality traits are gender-neutral. Each of us is a glorious blend of subtle hues born into a body experiencing the attributes exposed through our surroundings. 


A few years ago, the concept of personality development was unheard of, and people rarely gave any importance to developing skills. However, increasing competition, economic revolution, social gatherings, and charms of business etiquette make us aware of our overall being. 

Of course, a street vendor, Anna, will have a different personality than the owner of Udupi restaurant. However, no one is judging the status quo, food quality, or appearance.

Personality goes beyond good looks and dressing styles. Emphasis has to be given to interpersonal skills as well. 

What happens when you brew your personal-tea

Consider Personality Development as detox, a jumpstart to realize your capacity and unleash the subdued power at full speed. 

  1. Gain Confidence 

A great personality calls for ways to draw upon inner confidence. When you know you are appropriately groomed, your anxiety vanishes in front of a stranger. When you are in full command of the situation accompanied by confidence, you tend to give your best performance.


  1. Improve Communication Skills

Grooming is part of personality development, but communication skills are arguably the forerunner of personality development. You have to be a great communicator in your professional and personal lives. When your communication skills engage an audience, they are more receptive to your communications. Communication skills are not restricted to verbal skills, but they also include your listening abilities. When you are a good communicator, you listen to the other person; when you lack communication skills, you hear what the other person is saying. 


  1. Makes you positive as a proton

A glass is either half full or half empty. The perception lies in the eye of the beholder. When you enhance your personality, you tend to look at the brighter side of life and are always on the developmental path. An individual with a negative attitude will crib and criticize, whereas a person with a positive outlook will always search for a solution for the problem. 


  1. Dress smartly

Do not judge a book by its cover; ironically, we dwell in the world of judgemental and stereotypes. Therefore a person with impeccable dressing sense will always be looked upon and vice versa. Dressing smart doesn't involve expensive couture or bespoke styles. Simple, elegant, and comfortable should be a mantra for your dressing sense. Moreover, how you present yourself with the attire also speaks a lot about your personality. 


  1. Become Healthy

Your physique or your appearance makes you appealing. A healthy person is always high on energy levels, and they have vigor and strength compared to an unhealthy person. Therefore a healthy personality can quickly create an impact. 


  1. Become comfortable in our skin

In today's world, youngsters are washed with unrealistic ideas of beautiful skin and a perfect figure. Thus they are often exposed to toxic images that affect the evaluation of self-worth. Well, pity social media for making it worse with specific beauty ideals. Therefore, personality development helps people break and rewrite the prevailing narration of beauty standards; personality development encourages people to find beauty. It keeps the system called "you are worthy in every way" in check and calls for inspiration to recognize and claim the power already present in yourself. 


Personality development is not a veneer against all the moments of insecurities, comparison, or self-loathing; rather, it is a lifelong journey of self-discovery. 

We can happily conclude it by saying it amplifies the impact of our inner stan and calls us into being a new person.

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