Amita Chhabra

  • 22 Sessions Given
  • Body
  • Self

Designation: Nutritionist & NLP Coach

Ranking: Saiyan

Language: Hindi, English

Experience: 05+ Years

I am Amita Chhabra Nutritionist and Mind Programmer. I am married for the past 21 years and have 2 lovely grown-up children. My Work is my Religion. I am passionate and determined to bring a positive change in the life of 1 million people. 

Being a Nutritionist, I try my best to give deep learning to all the individuals who connect with me for any kind of diet counselling sessions.

Being a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Theta Healing Practitioner and Meditation Teacher, I love to connect with people and guide them how to tap into their unlimited potential as I believe we all are unique and have unique abilities and qualities. Trust and belief in self can help us achieve all our goals. 
NLP helps amazingly in building that trust. 

I am passionate about bringing satisfaction and joy to people's Life by facilitating them to explore the huge reservoirs of untapped potential that each of us possess and take action towards their better and 
brighter future.
Thank you for choosing me.
Always remember 
Miracles are normal.


1) Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education 

2) Certified in Weight Management 

3) Certified in Report Reading 

4) Certified NLP Coach (Neuro Linguistic Programme)

5) Theta Healing Practitioner 

6) Meditation Teacher 


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